Creating a Script

Using the BlueParq Editor you can develop your PowerShell code yourself.

  1. To create a new PowerShell script press the New PowerShell Script button


Press the CTRL, SHIFT and 2 key simultaneously to create a new PowerShell script directly.

  1. The BlueParq Editor will be started.


In the toolbar you can find the most common items you should expect in a modern world PowerShell Editor.

From left to right a quick overview:
  1. Undo
  2. Redo
  3. Cut
  4. Copy
  5. Paste
  6. Clear selection
  7. Increase indentation
  8. Decrease indentation
  9. Comment out selection
  10. Decomment out selection
  11. Convert selection to uppercase
  12. Convert selection to lowercase
  13. Invert case
  14. Find and replace
  15. Go to line
  16. Format document
  17. Compact code
  18. Run Microsoft Script Analyzer
  19. Debug options


  1. BlueParq offers IntelliSense to help you develop PowerShell code.


  1. For the most used actions, like creating a function, add a try catch routine, add iterations we have added snippet support!
  2. In the Editor type for.

  1. You will see theicon which will tell you this is a snippet by BlueParq.
  2. Press the TAB key or double mouse click the for item.
  3. The for loop will be automatically created for you.
  4. Press TAB again to iterate through all the options of the for loop.

Bottom Navigation bar

  1. You are also able to start one the wizards from BlueParq by clicking on one of the icons in the Bottom Navigation bar.

  1. By selecting one of the wizards you can generate the command line you wish with a BlueParq Wizard. You can use the following Wizards in your Script Canvas:
    1. cmdlet call wizard.
    2. Iteration wizard.
    3. Log entry wizard.
    4. Data source wizard.
    5. Condition wizard.
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