Release date

December 18th, 2018

BlueParq fixes

  • Some cmdlets without input parameters still had their wizard parameters page marked as invalid, example: Get-WinSystemLocale
  • Changed Square navigation text to be more inline with the traditional breadcrumb
  • Centered page turner in the Square (Page x/y)
  • The previous “<” & forward *>* will now be hidden in *More of this author* when there are no items
  • Moved the *You rated text* to a new line in view blueprint
  • Changed view blueprint rating text to *You’ve rated……*
  • Added date to Square news post under the author
  • Removed *By:* text on Square news posts
  • Recent items and the Square options menu have a highlight icon
  • *Closing All But This* no longer force closes other documents without a save prompt
  • The text shown after a successful *Replace All* in the script editor has been changed to English
  • Changed the *Rating* text to *Average Rating* in view blueprint
  • Square news changed *Continue Reading* to *Read More*
  • Fixed crash when clicking *Close All But This* on a Square tab
  • Increased page turner top spacing when there’s 4 blueprint items on the same page
  • Made the OK button on all account login dialogs work with the enter key
  • Changed explanation of Upload Status in the Square (info icon)
  • *Closing All* will now correctly hide the panel on the left when it includes a Diagram tab
  • *Close All* will open the settings configured default editor
  • *Close All But This* on a Square tab no longer crashes BlueParq
  • Closing a Square tab when there is no other tab will open the configured default editor
  • Resized variable data type autocomplete box and added horizontal scroll bar
  • Changed show/hide annotations button tooltip in the Diagram
  • Forced BlueParq to use the en-US culture on startup (on some occasions Dutch text was shown)
  • Removed extra newlines in the message that displays when replace all in the text editor finds no matches
  • Increased width of wizard footer buttons to accommodate for the previous button text
  • Added save file select dialog to *Close All But This*
  • Set a minimum of 3 characters for the search term in PowerShell Help
  • Fixed a crash when BlueParq attempts to restore a previously opened document that no longer exists
  • Fixed crash when clicking *No* on the UAC prompt after clicking *Run As* in BlueParq
  • Made wizards resizable
  • Disabled minimize and maximize when the GSG is opening
  • Added options menu to the *New* menu item that will let you create a new BluePrint  or Diagram
  • The right-click tab context menu now applies to the tab clicked on and not to the currently active tab
  • A BluePrint in the local repository can no longer be deleted if it’s tied to an subscribed item
  • Saving an opened BluePrint repository item which you are subscribed to will now always show a *Save As* dialog
  • Changed tab name of a subscribed local repository item to include the version
  • Sometimes nodes would have an incorrect context menu, this has been fixed
  • Fixed an issue that would crash BlueParq when the $count variable from the Iteration wizard was double clicked
  • Added cmdlet name to cmdlet node tooltip
  • Fixed import of switch parameters
  • Cosmetic changes
  • Bug fixes
  • Crash fixes 
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