Release date

October 25th, 2018

BlueParq fixes

  • Auto completion for named attributes
  • Updated ffunc and ffuncp snippets
  • Fixed code block collapse/expand to be in line with ISE
  • Backspace now works in the console
  • HOME key in the console jumps to the start of the line prompt
  • Append a space after a paren when using format document in the script editor
  • Restyled the condition wizard add variable form
  • Restyled and added the ability to add multiple images to the feedback form
  • Fixed colors not working in the console
  • Opening the GSG now maximizes BlueParq if ‘do not show again’ is unticked
  • When in the cmdlet wizard, a dialog will now be shown when PowerShell needs to update its help files
  • Bug fixes
  • Crash fixes
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