Release date

September 20th, 2018

New features

  • The script importer no longer crashes BlueParq when it fails, instead you can now send the script and error directly to our feedback system. 

BlueParq fixes

  • Script editor dirty marker fix.
  • UI improvements for the Square.
  • Reduced extra vertical space in the diagram.
  • Auto arrange optimization to work with offcanvas elements.
  • Adding an item offcanvas in the diagram will now resize it and scroll to it.
  • Invocation node wizard fixes.
  • Condition node wizard fixes.
  • Rework of group elements.
  • Optimization of node annotations.
  • Annotations' location are now saved with the diagram.
  • Console window fixes.
  • Changed comment box height of the variable panel form.
  • Crash fixes.
  • Bug fixes.
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