Release date

May 3rd, 2018

The BlueParq first official release is here! In this release we added new features, squashed a lot of bugs and polished the application on multiple levels.


  • Pressing F1 will now open BlueParq’s support page.

  • Feedback: The feedback dialog has been reworked and you can now submit feedback to use with full detail including new feedback types and your name plus E-mail address. Submitted feedback is automatically registered in our system and you will receive an email notification.

  • Local Repository: Opened blueprints now have the correct document title.
  • Documents: Documents now only ask if you would like to save the changes when changes actually happened. 
  • Documents: Saving a file automatically adds it to the *Recent Files* list.

  • Ribbon: The ribbon has been re-organized.
  • Ribbon: Added a Refresh Square button.
  • Ribbon: Added several new items to the View Help context menu.

  • Script Parameters: Added watermark to the mandatory input field.

BlueParq Designer

  • Diagram: connections of a iteration or condition node can no longer be deleted. 
  • Diagram: The dragging of code nodes is more flexible and less sensitive. 
  • Diagram: Annotation location’s are now properly saved and restored. 
  • Diagram: Dragging a blueprint onto the canvas now positions it in the center. 
  • Diagram: Changed the message that appears when importing a document with cmdlets that do not exist on the user’s PC. 

PowerShell wizards

  • A new feature called the Invocation Node has been added to the Diagram, this node allows you to invoke the result of a variable and build expressions using its members.

  • Log Entry Wizard: Applied several style changes.
  • Log Entry Wizard: Added title to the first step.
  • Log Entry Wizard: You can now use variables inside the Output File name.

  • Iteration Wizard: Clicking Finish in the wizard now properly creates the iteration variable if required.

  • CmdLet Wizard: Empty mandatory parameters now require you to fill them. 

  • Variable Window: The variable window on the left side has been reworked and is now more robust and feature complete.

BlueParq Square

  • Square: Uploading a blueprint no longer adds the *Converted from* comment.
  • Square: Only one BlueParq Square tab can be open at any time.
  • Square: Applied several style changes.
  • Square: Double-click on your profile image to change it.
  • Square: Fixed the exception that occurred when sending a BluePrint report without text.
  • Square: Updating a subscribed blueprint item now updates it in the local repository as well.
  • Square: Subscribing on a blueprint item now asks if you want to open it into a diagram.
  • Square: Unsubscribing from a blueprint now yields a confirmation message.
  • Square: Categories are now ordered A-Z and the Examples category is reserved for BlueParq Staff Only. 
  • Square: Uploaded blueprint’s canvas image are now centered.
  • Square: Change logs of unapproved Blueprint versions are no longer shown.

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