BlueParq Square

What is the BlueParq Square?

A community for BlueParq PowerShell Heroes.

BlueParq Square is a closed community for BlueParq PowerShell Heroes to have access to PowerShell scripts made visually by BlueParq.

The community allows you to share your own BlueParq PowerShell scripts and also see scripts from other BlueParq PowerShell Heroes, as our motto is sharing is caring.

To be part of the community, you only need to subscribe to BlueParq!

BluePrints are BlueParq PowerShell scripts

  • Find and share BluePrints and exchange knowledge with other users in BlueParq Square.
  • BluePrints are PowerShell scripts and codes built in BlueParq - either intuitively or in the Intelligent Editor.
  • Browse BlueParq Square, add BluePrints and be part of a worldwide community of IT pros.
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