Tutorial: Upload your BluePrint

How do you upload your BluePrint?

You can upload your BluePrint in the BlueParq Square.

For more information about the BlueParq Square:

BlueParq Square
Tutorial: BlueParq Square Overview


Step 1: Open the BlueParq Square

  1. Open the BlueParq Square.

Step 2: Click on Upload your BluePrint or Upload

  1. Press Upload your BluePrint or Press Upload
  2. This will open the Square Upload Wizard.

Step 3: Select a BluePrint

  1. Click on <Select a file...> to Browse for the diagram PowerShell script that you want to share.
  2. Select the File and press Open.

Step 4: Complete Blueprint information

  1. Add Name.
  2. Add Description.
  3. Select Category.
  4. Press Finish to complete the wizard.

Step 5: Completion Message

  • You will receive the following message after completing the wizard.

Step 6: Follow BluePrint Status

  • You can follow the status of your Uploaded BluePrint in your Activity Center - Upload status.

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