How to register your BlueParq Square account

Registering for the BlueParq Square

Only fully available for a BlueParq Subscribed User

Free trial users only have viewing rights to the BlueParq Square.

Become a BlueParq Subscribed User

To become a BlueParq Subscribed User please click here.

Step 1: Opening BlueParq Square

  1. Click on the Login button next to the down arrow:

Step 2: BlueParq Square Account Login

  1. Log in with your BlueParq account.
  2. If you don't have it: click in the I don't have an account link.
  3. The BlueParq Square Registration Wizard will open.

Step 3: License Agreement

  1. Please read and scroll down the license agreement.
  2. When read, click on Agree.

Step 4: Fill in your details

  1. Add your Firstname, Lastname, Company name and Email address.

You will receive an activation email.

Please check if your email address is correct, and check your Spam box if you don't receive the activation mail.

  1. Press Finish, when you have entered the correct details.

Step 5: BlueParq Square Activation Information

  1. Press OK.
  2. Open your mailbox that you have used to register your BlueParq Square account to.

Activation email can take a few minutes to arrive

If you do not receive the activation email after 15 minutes, please first check your Spam box or register again.

Step 6: Activation email

  1. Press the button "Activate your Square Account" in your received email.
  2. This will open a new web page with the text Activation successful!
  1. Open BlueParq.
  2. Click BlueParq Square, to open the Square.

BlueParq Square

The Square will open!

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