Tutorial: BlueParq Square Overview

BlueParq Square Overview

BlueParq Square is separated into 3 sections:
  1. On the left: Search, Categories & Upload your BluePrint
  2. In the middle: BluePrints overview
  3. On the Right: Activity Center 

Search, Categories & Upload your BluePrint

  1. You can search for BluePrints by typing keywords in the Search field.
  2. In Categories you can search per topic, in the Examples you have examples from BlueParq.

  3. Upload your BluePrint, here you can start uploading your own BluePrint:

For more info on how to Upload your BluePrint

Please read the article "Upload your BluePrint".

BluePrints Overview

  • Here you find an overview of the BluePrints
  • Highest ranked BluePrints are listed first.
  • You can view or subscribe to BluePrints
  • Subscribed BluePrints are added to your BluePrint Repository on your Diagram or Script editor tab.

Activity Center

The Activation Center exists out of 6 sections:
  1. Your details.
  2. News Overview.
  3. BluePrint updates.
  4. New Comments.
  5. Upload Status.
  6. Upload Blueprint Button.

Your Details

  • Shows your First Name, Number of BluePrints, and Your Status.

  • To add your personal picture, double click or right-click on the image, and add an image.

News Overview

  • Here you find latest News Messages from BlueParq.

BluePrint Updates

  • You receive updates about changes made to BluePrints you are subscribed to.

New Comments

  • You get notified here when you receive new comments, on your uploaded BluePrints.

Upload Status

  • You can follow the status of your BluePrint Uploads here.

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